Rosalía Opens Up About the End of Her Engagement with Rauw Alejandro, Acknowledging It as a Challenging Time

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Part Ways After Over Three Years of Engagement


Rosalía Addresses Her Breakup with Rauw Alejandro in Heartfelt Instagram Statement

Following the confirmation of their split by PEOPLE, Rosalía, the 30-year-old “Con Altura” singer, took to her Instagram Story to set the record straight about her relationship with Rauw Alejandro. In a statement posted against a blue backdrop, she expressed her love, respect, and admiration for Rauw while dismissing any outside speculations. Rosalía thanked her fans for their understanding and respect during this challenging time and ended the message with a white heart emoji.


Rosalía’s Emotional Performance at Lollapalooza Paris Preceded Heartfelt Instagram Message

Shortly after her performance at Lollapalooza Paris last Saturday, during which she became emotional while singing “Hentai,” Rosalía addressed her recent breakup with Rauw Alejandro in a touching Instagram message on Thursday. Fan-recorded videos captured the singer wiping her eyes and pausing a few times while delivering a piano rendition of the song. The supportive crowd helped her through the performance, and Rosalía eventually smiled.

Prior to Rosalía’s statement, Rauw Alejandro, 30, had already spoken about their split in a message shared on his Twitter account the day before.


Rauw Alejandro Confirms Breakup with Rosalía, Addresses Misleading Claims

In a candid statement on his Twitter account, Rauw Alejandro confirmed the end of their engagement, explaining that it occurred a few months ago. He clarified that their separation was not caused by external factors or infidelity. During his time of reflection, Rauw felt compelled to speak out against misleading public allegations that have arisen. Out of respect for Rosalía, their families, and the genuine love they shared, he couldn’t stay silent any longer. Rauw asserted that he wanted to protect the integrity of their true love story, which he considers a blessing from God.

Rosalía and Alejandro’s romantic journey began in August 2021 when they were first linked together. They later made their relationship public on social media in the following month. The couple took their bond to the next level when they announced their engagement in the music video for their collaborative song “Beso” from their joint EP RR, which was released in March. Their relationship had been a topic of interest and excitement for fans, but as revealed in recent statements, they have since decided to part ways amicably.

In a March interview with Billboard, Alejandro emphasized the importance of respect in his relationship with Rosalía. They held each other in high regard and recognized that they represented each other in the public eye. Alejandro mentioned that this mutual representation served as motivation for both of them to uphold their prestige and maintain the quality of their work. He acknowledged that being Rosalía’s partner motivated him to strive for excellence, constantly pushing themselves to new heights in their respective careers. Their relationship seemed to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for each other, fostering a drive to excel and continue growing professionally.