Aliana Lohan Defies Sister Lindsay’s Shadow, Embracing Her True Calling

Aliana Lohan has recently debuted two singles and is preparing to release an EP featuring a collection of vibrant and uplifting dance-pop tracks.


Aliana Lohan draws inspiration for her career from a close source – her upbringing. Growing up surrounded by the success of her older sister Lindsay Lohan, who excelled in both acting and singing, Aliana was immersed in the world of entertainment from a young age. However, despite pursuing similar creative paths, Aliana emphasizes that there is no sibling rivalry between them.

Expressing her independent mindset, Aliana states, “I’ve never felt like I was in a shadow. I would’ve been doing this with or without my sister being Lindsay Lohan, and Lindsay knows that, and Lindsay would’ve been doing this with or without me being her sister. We grew up with it around us.”

Following in Lindsay’s footsteps, Aliana began her own artistic journey early on. She recorded her first album, “Lohan Holiday,” at the age of 9 and starred in the Disney Channel film “Mostly Ghostly” in 2007. Additionally, she made appearances in three of Lindsay’s movies and was featured alongside her family on the E! reality series “Living Lohan” in 2008.

Aliana Lohan and Lindsay Lohan at a Falling for Christmas screening in November 2022. PHOTO: BRYAN BEDDER/GETTY

Aliana Lohan firmly believes that her destiny lies in the world of entertainment. Having grown up on sets and witnessed her older sister’s effortless stardom, she felt an innate calling to pursue a similar path.

“It’s always been in our blood,” Aliana shares. She attributes her passion for performing not only to her sister’s influence but also to her family’s background. Her grandmother’s involvement in Broadway and radio DJing, as well as her great-grandparents’ experience as ballroom dancers, further fueled her love for the arts.

Recently, Aliana released a pair of uplifting dance-pop singles and has plans to release an EP. Additionally, she had the opportunity to collaborate with Lindsay on the Netflix movie Falling for Christmas. Not only did Aliana contribute several songs to the movie’s soundtrack, but she also appeared on screen alongside her sister. Reflecting on the experience, she expresses her gratitude and excitement for the future, envisioning how she will share this cherished memory with her children.

“Working with Lindsay was incredible,” Aliana expresses. “To have my music featured in a Christmas movie after releasing a Christmas album was a beautiful full circle moment. It’s something I will always hold dear. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity.”


The admiration between Aliana and her sister Lindsay is mutual. During Aliana’s appearance on Lindsay’s podcast, The Lohdown, Lindsay expressed her admiration for Aliana’s powerful and inspiring voice. Lindsay described it as soulful, deep, and peaceful, highlighting the beauty and self-expression that Aliana brings to her artistry. Lindsay encouraged Aliana to share more of her unique voice with the world.

Despite Lindsay currently residing in Dubai and expecting her first child with husband Bader Shammas, the Lohan family remains incredibly close. Aliana emphasizes the strong bond they share, with regular communication through a family group chat where they discuss everything. Aliana considers her siblings and Lindsay as her best friends, highlighting the support they provide and the strength it brings to them as women navigating the world.

Ali Lohan, Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan and Cody Lohan in November 2022. PHOTO: BRYAN BEDDER/GETTY

In addition to her strong family ties, Aliana Lohan has also formed a special connection with her boyfriend, whom she met through her grandparents. They have developed a deep bond and are close to each other’s families as well.

Describing their relationship, Aliana expresses gratitude for having found her best friend in him. She adores him immensely and appreciates having someone who truly understands her.

Considering Lindsay’s recent marriage in 2022, Aliana is hopeful that more wedding celebrations will be on the horizon for the Lohan family. She enthusiastically shares her love for love and expresses her excitement at the prospect of witnessing further joyous unions within the family.