Billie Eilish Affirms That ‘Goldwing’ Holds Personal Sentiments Towards Olivia Rodrigo: ‘I Sense a Desire to Safeguard Olivia’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The pop sensation shared her connection with the pop-rock performer during a conversation with ‘The Los Angeles Times.’

Billie Eilish, at 21, has expressed a sense of guardianship towards fellow young artist Olivia Rodrigo in the music industry. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, the Grammy-winning pop star shared her feelings of protectiveness, highlighting Rodrigo as the first emerging young artist to attain superstardom after herself. Eilish even disclosed that her track “Goldwing” from the 2021 album “Happier Than Ever” was inspired by Rodrigo. Eilish emphasized the uniqueness of individual experiences, stating, “I think everybody’s experiences are so individual … Nobody has had anybody else’s life, you know? But I do feel a protectiveness over Olivia.”

The singer of “Bad Guy” shared that she felt a connection to Olivia Rodrigo, who rose to fame seemingly overnight while still a teenager, reminiscent of Eilish’s own experience. Reflecting on Rodrigo’s rapid ascent at the age of 20, just 14 months her junior, Eilish expressed concern and protectiveness, particularly given Rodrigo’s background in the acting world, which she perceived as having its peculiarities.

The success of Rodrigo’s breakout single, “Driver’s License,” in 2021 prompted Eilish, known for “Bury a Friend,” to compose a song. The track, titled “Goldwing” from her previous album, holds thematic elements addressing the vulnerability of a woman being taken advantage of. Eilish confessed to The Los Angeles Times that the song was inspired by Rodrigo, emphasizing, “It’s not only about her. I was just thinking about her when I was writing it. She was coming up, and she was younger than me, and nobody had ever been younger than me.”

The alternative-pop sensation clarified that her empathy extends beyond just Olivia Rodrigo’s experiences, citing 16-year-old actress Ariana Greenblatt from the movie “Guts.” She expressed a universal sentiment, stating, “I feel that way about everyone. I just see myself in all these young girls.”

This Oscar winner has previously discussed the challenges of navigating adolescence in the spotlight, particularly after gaining widespread attention at the age of 14 with the release of her debut single, “Ocean Eyes,” in 2016. Reflecting on the difficulties of growing up in the public eye, she shared with the BBC in 2022, “Growing up in the public eye is a very bruising experience, and it’s really hard to grow and change. I just didn’t really know what to do. I was just grasping at straws.”

In a more recent interview with Allure in September, she disclosed that she is only now “starting to do better” with fame, acknowledging that she had been struggling with it for an extended period. Expressing the challenges, she admitted, “I have impending-doom feelings most of the day. When I think too much about it, how I can never have privacy again, it’s enough to make you want to do all sorts of crazy things. But you have to let it go.”

The artist behind “When the Party’s Over” recently earned five Grammy nominations for “What Was I Made For?,” a poignant ballad she penned for the Barbie movie soundtrack, addressing the theme of rediscovering one’s purpose. Recognizing the deeply personal nature of the song after writing it, she finds herself nominated in significant categories, including record of the year and song of the year.