Camila Cabello Advocates for Breakup Intimacy: ‘Engage Until It Clears Your Mind’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

During her guest appearance on ‘Call Her Daddy’ on Wednesday, the singer-songwriter candidly discussed her split from Shawn Mendes, her experiences with dating, and teased insights into her upcoming music projects.

Camila Cabello expressed her openness to post-breakup intimacy during her recent appearance on Call Her Daddy. The “Bam Bam” artist shared her perspective, stating, “I feel like if you’re wanting to have breakup sex you’re probably gonna hit each other up next week.” She emphasized her belief in not restraining desires, stating, “I’m a proponent. I don’t believe in the forbidden fruit — if you want it do it.” Cabello likened the experience to a “date him until you hate him” dynamic, clarifying, “I don’t actually hate anybody but I’m saying do it until it’s out of your system.” While acknowledging differing opinions among her friends, she found the approach personally beneficial.

“I also think the hard part is that sometimes you do waste some time in that way,” added the “Havana” singer. “You’re still entertaining something and maybe there could be somebody out there that’s better.”

Cabello emphasized her support for breakup intimacy as long as individuals engage in introspection and question their motives behind it.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Cabello, who is presently single, shared insights into her brief reconciliation with Shawn Mendes following their November 2021 breakup.

When asked by podcast host Alexandra Cooper about her views on rekindling relationships with exes, Cabello expressed her favoritism towards the idea.

“I personally think it’s helpful. You can’t forbid things from me because I will want to do it more,” she stated. “If I want to text him, I’m gonna text him.”

“You need to know that it’s not going to work and then you need to be over it and you need to be like, ‘I did it. And I know,'” she emphasized.

Reflecting on the reconciliation, Cabello shared that similar thoughts were running through her mind.

“I’m kind of impulsive in that way I would say. I feel like it if I feel it I say it and I’m not really good at not doing that. Because then the worst place for it to live in is my mind and then I’m like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook building a house for this person. So I would rather say it and see what happens and then wake up the next morning and find out that it’s been heavily documented,” she explained.

“It is what it is. It was a great route, it was a fun time, it was a fun moment,” she continued. “I will always care about him and love him.”

She also disclosed that the reason for their second split was realizing that it wasn’t a “fit” for both of them.

Cabello and Mendes initially parted ways in November 2021 after a two-year relationship. However, in April 2023, they were seen kissing at Coachella, with a source informing PEOPLE that they had “always seemed to have a special connection” and had “been friendly for months.”

Despite being seen together multiple times in New York City and Los Angeles, showing affection, including at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour stop in New Jersey in late May, reports emerged in early June indicating that they had once again broken up.