Carly Rae Jepsen Reassures Audience: ‘No Electrical Hazards Tonight’ Following NYC Concert Cancellation Amid Lightning Concerns

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Subsequently, the pop sensation spontaneously treated ticket holders to impromptu shows at a nearby New York City location, including a matinee performance the following day.

Carly Rae Jepsen Ensures Concertgoers’ Safety and Makes Amends

Following an early conclusion of her concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City on Monday due to a lightning storm affecting the outdoor venue, Carly Rae Jepsen took swift action. She organized an impromptu performance at a nearby location for those holding tickets, and even scheduled a matinee the next day to compensate for the disrupted event.

Addressing the audience amidst a rainstorm after delivering approximately four songs, the 37-year-old artist shared, “Hello loves, I learned about this as it happened, just like you did, and I’m truly sorry.” Videos captured by fans depict Jepsen’s interactions with the crowd. “However, we’re dedicated to making it right for you — I assure you.”

Acknowledging the safety concerns, she emphasized, “Evidently, there are safety considerations, and we want to ensure you’re not exposed to any electrical hazards tonight! But we’re committed to making amends,” the performer of “Run Away with Me” concluded.

Following the premature conclusion of the concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17, Carly Rae Jepsen turned to social media to reveal a spontaneous performance at Rockwood Music Hall. She wrote, “The lightning forced us to end early today, but my determination to perform is stronger than ever.” Accompanied by the show’s schedule, she made the announcement.

However, the capacity of the new venue was significantly smaller, accommodating around 150 individuals, a mere fraction of The Rooftop at Pier 17’s capacity. Despite this, a multitude of fans arrived at the impromptu show. Adapting to the situation, Jepsen welcomed audience members in small groups, rotating them in and presenting a repertoire of six songs for each cluster.

In addition to this, preceding her initially planned second performance at The Rooftop at Pier 17 on Tuesday night, she organized a matinee concert earlier in the day. This special matinee was aimed at those who had attended the curtailed event, providing them with a chance to experience her live performance in full.

“Prior to the lightning striking, I had one of those intuitive sensations that the night was destined to hold a touch of enchantment,” Jepsen shared on Instagram on Tuesday. “After performing four songs, I became even more convinced that my intuition was accurate. Despite the onset of light rain, I remained steadfast in my belief that nothing could hinder us. However, when the announcement echoed across the rooftop, informing us that the pier had to be closed due to lightning, a sense of shock and frustration enveloped me. It felt as though we had all been denied a genuine and cathartic New York night together.”

Upon the show’s abrupt conclusion, Jepsen’s team promptly sought out available venues. They discovered that Rockwood Music Hall was open and ready for her performance. “In a manner reminiscent of Prince, we managed to squeeze in three rounds of a packed house, utilizing borrowed instruments since ours were still held captive on the rooftop,” she recounted, reflecting on the impromptu sessions. “I encountered a rebellious elation unlike anything before and felt an extraordinary connection with all of you.”

Continuing, the acclaimed artist expressed her gratitude, saying, “I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support and willingness to embrace impromptu shows—three of them, to be exact! Thank you for your enthusiasm and for joining me in these unexpected musical moments!”