Ed Sheeran’s Surprise Singalong Delights Boston Kids at Their Performance

The popular musician, Ed Sheeran, pleasantly surprised the young musicians of the Boston Music Project Youth Group during their concert on Sunday.

Ed Sheeran treats a group of young Boston musicians to a singalong. PHOTO: ED SHEERAN/INSTAGRAM

Ed Sheeran, the renowned British singer-songwriter, made an unexpected visit to the Tobin Community Center in Boston. He performed alongside the talented group of young musicians before his highly anticipated concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, later that evening.


Sharing his excitement on Instagram, Sheeran expressed, “Had a morning off in Boston, so I decided to surprise this amazing kids music group. It was an incredibly fun experience! Now, onto my second stadium show. See you later! x”

In a video snippet, Sheeran’s voice could be heard singing a brief a cappella rendition of “The Hills of Aberfeldy” from his latest album, Subtract. He addressed the audience, saying, “You guys are fantastic. Thank you for allowing me to perform with you,” as he plugged in his acoustic guitar.

Sheeran then mentioned, “I heard you all love ‘Eyes Closed,'” before the video transitioned to him performing his latest single, accompanied by the talented youth group.

The “Shape of You” singer concluded the event by posing for a group photo with the student musicians, holding two guitars. He even took selfies with some enthusiastic fans.

Additional footage from the Boston Music Project’s Instagram Story captured Sheeran sitting on the grass, engaging in conversations with the young audience members during the concert.


Excitedly, one of the kids shared, “I had a lot of fun playing with Ed Sheeran. It was really cool! He gave me an amazing guitar, and he even signed it,” while proudly displaying the autographed instrument.

The video ended with Sheeran expressing, “That was such an enjoyable experience. I love playing with kids who are discovering the magic of music for the first time. It’s truly wonderful. Now, off to the second Gillette show. See you there!”

This surprise performance is not the first of its kind by Sheeran during his tour. In May, he made a surprise appearance at an Atlanta brewery, where he poured pints and entertained the crowd with a few songs, just hours before his stadium show at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Sheeran shared a video on Instagram, stating, “I’m in Atlanta, and I’ve been told that there are some great breweries here, so I’m going to this brewery, serve some beers, play a gig, and then buy drinks for everyone in the beer garden. Beers on me.”

After a brief tour of the brewery, where he explored various beer varieties and the canning process, Sheeran took on the role of a bartender, delighting the starstruck customers.

He then moved to the beer garden for a short acoustic set, treating the crowd to performances of “Eyes Closed” and “Perfect.”

“For the next hour, the drinks are on me,” Sheeran announced to the audience. “Enjoy the complimentary beers!”