Hayley Williams Shares Health Update Following Challenging Week, while Paramore Gears up for Stage Comeback

The lead singer of Paramore wrote a heartfelt message to the band’s “beloved friends and devoted concert attendees”

Hayley Williams in February 2020. PHOTO: BONNIE BIESS/GETTY

Hayley Williams is on the path to recovery after facing a challenging period. Following the cancellation of four tour dates, Paramore is ready to make a comeback on stage. The 34-year-old pop punk vocalist and frontwoman, Hayley Williams, took to her Instagram Story to share the reason behind the tour pause and reflect on what it’s like to tour the country as an adult.

In her post, Williams expressed, “As you know, we had to postpone some shows due to illness. We’re resuming the tour this Saturday in Tulsa (!!!) after enduring a week of hardship, sadness, and relying on antibiotics and steroids.”


The “Still Into You” singer clarified the situation and addressed the rumors, stating, “Just to set the record straight, we didn’t suffer from food poisoning or any collective disaster.”

Williams openly shared the difficulties they faced during the past week, which led to the cancellation of shows in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City. She revealed that the health issues began in Houston, and although it wasn’t contagious, she pushed through until they reached Los Angeles, fueled by adrenaline and nerves. However, once the excitement settled down, her body couldn’t keep up.

During their time in LA, they had exciting moments, including bringing fellow indie popstar Billie Eilish on stage for a performance of “All I Wanted.”


Hayley Williams candidly acknowledged that touring at the age of 34 differs significantly from when she was 16, where leaving home felt like a thrilling escape. Now, with her own home life, a close-knit community, a beloved dog (Alf), and her aging family members, leaving all that behind becomes more challenging.

Yet, as soon as they step on stage for their two-hour performance, she experiences the world through a lens of joy, hope, and boundless possibilities. The healing power of the stage becomes especially vital, given her tendency to be immersed in the constant negativity and distressing news found in local, national, and global media.

Williams concluded with a message of hope, expressing the need for a little extra support during their initial shows back. She encouraged the fans to warm up their voices and stretch their necks, eagerly anticipating the reunion with their devoted audience.

Hayley Williams’ Instagram Story.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/YELYAHWILLIAMS

Indeed, Hayley Williams has a lot on her plate as she embarks on her band’s national tour, which includes the thrill of performing “Misery Business” live after a considerable hiatus. Apart from that, she’s taken on additional responsibilities by being featured on Taylor Swift’s re-recording of Speak Now. These endeavors, while exciting, add to her already demanding schedule, making her recovery and preparation for performances even more essential.

In celebration of the event, Hayley Williams honored the occasion by dyeing her hair purple, using her own color brand, Good Dye Young. In a previous interview with PEOPLE in June, the singer had discussed her love for experimenting with various hair colors.

She emphasized that being in Paramore or having a certain public image doesn’t restrict her from embracing change and being true to herself. Williams mentioned that she had developed a fondness for bleach blonde hair and expressed her desire to have that look before the tour. Although she was open to some fun and playful colors, she was determined to go blonde and explore new styles.