Indeed, Germany is officially changing a city’s name to honor Taylor Swift.

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

In anticipation of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour visit to Gelsenkirchen, Germany, the mayor declared that the city would temporarily be renamed ‘Swiftkirchen.’

In preparation for Taylor Swift’s upcoming Eras Tour performances, the German city of Gelsenkirchen is receiving a Swift-inspired name change.

On July 2, the mayor of Gelsenkirchen, Karin Welge, authorized the temporary renaming of the city to “Swiftkirchen” to celebrate Swift’s tour stops from July 17 to July 19.

This playful tribute originated from a suggestion by fan Aleshanee Westhoff, who initiated a petition and contacted the mayor to propose the name change, as stated in a Google translated news release on the city’s website.

“It’s a fantastic idea to temporarily rename Gelsenkirchen to ‘Swiftkirchen,'” Mayor Welge wrote in a reply to Westhoff, according to a Google translation from German to English. “I’m especially delighted that you can witness the temporary ‘renaming’ of Gelsenkirchen live and in person today.”

Markus Schwardtmann, head of Gelsenkirchen’s public relations department, also confirmed that the city will be putting up many more signs in popular areas over the next few days.

“As mayor, I am, of course, very pleased that Taylor Swift, currently the most successful singer in the world, will be performing three times in Gelsenkirchen,” Welge stated in a translated message on the city website. “This will bring international attention back to our city.”

In addition to the name change, Gelsenkirchen will undergo several Swift-inspired transformations, including the introduction of a “Taylor Swift tram” by Bogestra, the city’s public transport system, and the addition of a commemorative stone on the city’s Walk of Fame. As the concert dates approach, the city will also host a large open-air Taylor Swift party called “Taylor Town,” featuring various activities such as a swap market, karaoke, and tattoos, all related to the star.

Gelsenkirchen is not the only city to go all out for the “Bejeweled” singer and her fans. In March 2023, at the start of the Eras Tour, Glendale, Arizona, was temporarily renamed “Swift City” for her tour stop.

Mayor Jerry P. Weiers of Glendale issued the proclamation on March 13, 2023, and the new name was in effect for March 17 and 18, 2023. Similarly, Santa Clara, California, was renamed “Swiftie Clara,” and Swift was declared the “Honorary Mayor” for her tour stop in July 2023.

Before her first performance in Gelsenkirchen on July 17, Swift will perform at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam from July 4 through July 6.