Lizzo’s Unconventional Toast: Takes a ‘Shoey’ by Drinking Tequila from a Boot at Sydney Concert, Sparking Reactions

Lizzo, the “About Damn Time” singer, was pleasantly surprised to discover one of Australia’s oldest traditions.


During her performance in Sydney on Sunday, Lizzo had an unexpected encounter with one of Australia’s peculiar traditions: the shoey. This practice, dating back to the early 20th century, involves individuals taking a sip from their own shoe before putting it back on their foot.

In a fan-recorded TikTok video, the “Juice” singer appeared puzzled when her fans started urging her to do a shoey. She asked the crowd, “Take a drink from my shoe? Is that what you’re saying?”

Nevertheless, Lizzo, aged 35, decided to embrace the moment and poured tequila into her own boot before exclaiming, “A reminder that this is f–ked up.” It seems she took part in the tradition with a mix of amusement and disbelief.


“I’ve got a bottle of tequila I’ve been saving for you,” Lizzo playfully declared, referencing her song “Good As Hell,” and then proceeded to take a swig from the bottle in her boot, triumphantly conquering the shoey. With puckered lips and a victorious scream, she embraced the quirky tradition.

Amidst the cheers from the crowd, Lizzo humorously exclaimed, “F— Australia! How are you guys still walking if that’s how you take shots? I am scared that we’re not going to get through the rest of the show if I don’t start singing and singing soon.”

It turns out Lizzo is not the first singer to take on the shoey challenge. Back in February, Harry Styles also participated in the Australian tradition while starting his Love on Tour in Perth. He drank from his green Adidas sneaker and comically commented, “This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever witnessed.”

Following his shoey experience, Styles jokingly stated that he would discuss it at length with his therapist and confessed feeling a mix of shame and vulnerability during the intimate moment shared with the audience.


According to the New York Times, numerous other singers, including Post Malone, Machine Gun Kelly, Kacey Musgraves, and Luke Bryan, have also embraced the shoey tradition while on tour.

As Lizzo’s “Special” tour extends to Australia, the singer finds herself spending a significant amount of time on the road. Recently, she decided to give her fans an insider’s glimpse into her travel kit, revealing how she sustains herself while hopping between cities, as documented on her Instagram.

In one of the photos from the series, Lizzo is seen wearing a Louis Vuitton hijab, and in another, she sports a purple face mask with a bright smile. Additionally, one picture captures the musician enjoying a movie, “Cocaine Bear,” while she shared a video of herself savoring some wine.

With the caption, “Amsterdam ✈️ Perth,” Lizzo documented her travels from the Netherlands to Australia, showcasing the adventurous journey as she takes her “Special” tour to new destinations.