Nicki Minaj Urges Fans Not to Make Threats on Her Behalf: “I Do Not Support or Approve of Such Actions”

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

The rapper is set to unveil her eagerly awaited upcoming album ‘Pink Friday 2’ on December 8th.

Nicki Minaj Conveys an Important Message to Her Dedicated Fanbase

Nicki Minaj, the acclaimed Queen of Rap at 40, recently made a statement through her social media channels directed at her loyal fanbase, as reported by Revolt. In an Instagram Story that has since expired but was captured by vigilant fans, the “Super Bass” rapper urged her fans, affectionately known as Barbz, to refrain from making threats on her behalf. In her message, she wrote, “Dear Barbz, please ensure you never engage in threatening behavior on my behalf.”

She further emphasized, stating, “This applies regardless of whether it’s online or in face-to-face interactions, whether it’s meant as a joke or not. I’ve never supported such behavior.”

The superstar also took the opportunity to remind her followers about the imminent release of her highly anticipated new album, ‘Pink Friday 2.’ She shared, “We have an incredible album coming very soon on 12/08/23. The feeling is incredibly surreal and euphoric.”

Concluding her message, the rapper wished her fans “blessings on blessings.”

Minaj did not provide a specific reason for her statement’s timing. However, it seems that she may have been alluding to the expected reaction from her fans regarding her forthcoming album.

According to Revolt’s report, the extensive social media activity of the Barbz has nearly resulted in legal action against Minaj. In the previous year, The Daily Beast disclosed that YouTuber and pop culture commentator Kimberly Nicole Foster had considered taking legal action against the hip-hop artist. This decision was prompted by a critical post on the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), which had incited violent threats from fans.

Nicki Minaj’s eagerly awaited fifth studio album is set to drop on December 8th. Towards the end of the previous month, the artist known for “Barbie World” announced in an Instagram Live session that she was rescheduling the album’s release date for the second time. Originally slated for November 17th, she moved it to December 8th, coinciding with her birthday and to accommodate the vinyl release.

In her video message to her fans, she expressed her excitement, saying, “The new album date for this incredible body of work that I am so proud of is on a very special day to me and to the Barbz. Pink Friday 2, I am so happy to announce, will be out on my birthday, December 8th.”

The accomplished artist also shared her deep emotional connection to the upcoming album, mentioning, “I am so filled with emotion about it because, as y’all know, it’s been a long time coming.” She reflected on a period of writer’s block following her 2018 album, “Queen,” and teased “Pink Friday 2” as the project she’s never been more passionate about. The Grammy-nominated rapper declared, “This entire album will be the biggest gift I have ever given humanity thus far. I can stand by that. I will bet any amount of money that ‘Pink Friday 2’ the album is going to make people fall in love immediately.”

In June, the artist known for “Super Freaky Girl” announced on social media that her upcoming album would be a sequel to her influential 2010 record, “Pink Friday.” At that time, the release date was set for November 17th, after initially being slated for October 20th.

Since the official announcement of “Pink Friday 2,” Nicki Minaj has treated her fans to a taste of the album by sharing the single “Last Time I Saw You” and previewing an unreleased track during her performance at the 2023 MTV VMAs.