Sabrina Carpenter emphasizes her primary concern regarding sexuality: ‘The utmost priority is to avoid pregnancy, whatever choices you make.’

Published by Cel Manero from Global One Media, Inc.

Carpenter also shared with ‘Cosmopolitan’ her perspective on relationships and her decision to refrain from using dating applications.

Parenthood is not part of Sabrina Carpenter’s current plans. In a recent interview for the cover story of Cosmopolitan, the singer and actress discussed her cautious attitude towards sex, her views on relationships, and her choice to abstain from using dating apps.

When asked to offer a sex tip for the publication, the 24-year-old advised, “Ultimately, my priority at the moment is to avoid pregnancy. That’s the guiding principle in my life right now. So, that’s my sex tip: make wise decisions, prioritize protection.”

For nearly two years, Sabrina Carpenter, known for her roles on the Disney Channel, has been captivating audiences worldwide with performances promoting her latest album, “Emails I Can’t Send.” During her solo tour and as part of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour lineup, Carpenter has gained widespread attention for her witty and humorous custom outros for her song “Nonsense.”

These outros, featuring lines like “When you go down under, do you miss me? / He’s so big I felt it in my kidney / Screamed so loud they heard it here in Sydney,” have not only elicited laughter but have also served a deeper purpose for the musician.

Carpenter reflects, “Writing these outros has been quite amusing because I believe I’ve learned more about sexuality through them than people might assume. While some may perceive me as excessively provocative, the truth is, crafting these lines stems from embracing one’s sexuality without fear rather than merely indulging in it.”

She further shared advice on approaching sexuality in a healthy manner, emphasizing the importance of doing what feels most comfortable. “Follow your instincts and ask questions if you’re curious, but much of it is about self-discovery,” Carpenter elaborated. “So, prioritize your comfort and safety above all else.”

Regarding her own romantic endeavors, the actress, currently in a relationship with actor Barry Keoghan, expressed that many of her past relationships seemed to come about as a result of fate.

“I know that sounds vague, but I don’t actively pursue it. The relationships that truly captivate me must be incredibly stimulating or enriching because they divert my attention from other passions,” Carpenter elaborated. “So, it’s a mix of excitement and chaos. I believe I’m still relishing in the freshness of it all.”

She made it clear that one platform she’s not using to seek a romantic connection is dating apps.

“I have one app, but I hardly ever use it,” Carpenter admitted. “Although, sometimes I’ll open it just to remind myself that other people exist. I know it sounds strange. Being on tour for extended periods, you start to feel like there’s nobody else around.”