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About the Show

Jaelynn is originally from Northern Canada, hailing from the Yukon Territory. She went to school
for hospitality and tourism services at the Yukon College which has since become Yukon
University. Immigrating to the states in 2011 to marry her long-distance high school
sweetheart. A marriage that gave her the best gift of her life, a son who she refers to as “bug”(A
bonding moment with Mix’s Sandy Beeler as that’s her nickname for her son also).

Besides being a kid at a time when you would still use a cassette tape to record your favorite
songs off the radio and call in to get a mention on your birthday, Jaelynn’s life in Radio started
in 2021 after she lost a job and an apartment while going through a tough divorce. She was
homeless for a time, staying in hotels with her son and trying to hold everything together.
Picking up a job at a pizza place but still just scrapping by she would put her son to bed in the
hotel room and sit outside the door in her car with nothing but a joint and the radio some
nights to get her out of her thoughts. It was during one of these nights that she heard an ad
from a local station looking for a receptionist. She applied, was hired, and began training in
traffic and continuity, answering the phones, greeting the few clients and guests who came in
though there weren’t many at first as it was while covid restrictions were lifting. She would for
a short time pick up a third job cleaning rooms at the hotel she was staying at to help
supplement the cost of the room but quit in Feb 2022 when she and her son moved into their
own apartment again.

The station was sold to a new owner in June and Jaelynn was promoted to office manager with
that sale, taking over the every day running of the office while the transition happened, helping
to hire and train someone new for traffic and continuity she moved more into office
management and the newly created promotions team.
In working with the new owner and the promotions team she was given the opportunity to be a
voice in a couple commercials, and from there was offered the opportunity to train as on air

Now she’s on air every weeknight and Saturdays from 10pm -2am(The times she needed the
radio the most) moving away from office management and passing off many of those
responsibilities to focus on promotions, social media, and on air.
Her main goal in radio has always been to make it sound as good as possible and to make sure
that if there’s someone, sitting alone in their car with what seems like nothing but the radio for
comfort, that they have a friend and the music to clear their heads.